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  • BOINC Stats v0.6.3
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BOINC Stats is a Firefox extension that displays a user's total and recent average credit in the status bar for BOINC distributed computing projects in which they are actively participating. It may not display stats for projects where a user's Recent Average Credit is zero. BOINC User Total stats are displayed at Firefox startup.

        Image of 'About BOINC Stats' tab        Image of 'Final Version Projects' tab

User Options:

Update frequency (minimum 2 hours), display or not display project icons,
12 or 24 hour time format, and selection of projects for which stats are displayed.

BOINC Stats is currently capable of displaying a user's stats for:

BURP    Chess960    Climate Change    ClimatePrediction    Einstein@Home   
HashClash    Leiden Classical    LHC Alpha    LHC@Home    MalariaControl   
Orbit@Home    Pirates@Home    Predictor@Home    PrimeGrid    QMC@Home   
RALPH@Home    Rectilinear Crossing Number    RieselSieve    Rosetta@Home    
Seasonal Attribution    Seti@Home    Seti Beta    SIMAP    Spinhenge@Home   
SZTAKI Desktop Grid    TANPAKU    uFluids@Home    World Community Grid   


uses xml data provided periodically by the individual projects.
BOINC Stats and SETI User Stats cannot both be used.
If you are using the
SETI User Stats extension please uninstall it and restart Firefox before installing BOINC Stats.

Changing Projects:      image of 'BOINC User Total' as displayed in the status bar

To change projects displayed right-click on the displayed data and select another project.

Accessing your User Stats page:

Left click on the displayed data to open your user stats page for that project.


Select Tools\Extensions
Select the BOINC Stats extension
Click the preferences button or right-click and select preferences.
Click the checkbox and enter your BOINC cross-project ID.

Selecting Projects:

Projects are sorted according to it's status.
Select a project category.
Click the check box of a project in which you're actively participating.
Enter your account number for that project in the corresponding text box.
Use the apply button at any time to apply your settings.

If you realize you've entered an incorrect account number:

Click the project's checkbox to un-check it.
Click the "Apply" button.
Click the project's checkbox to re-checkmark it.
Enter the correct information.
Click the "Apply" button.

BOINC Stats uses Account numbers. It does NOT use account keys.


For ease of project identification enable the "Display project icon" option.

The boincstats project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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